Understanding depression part 1

Understanding Depression

Depression for most of the people the majority of times is experienced in a way what the above lines express.
It is a state of the mind and body where hopelessness,helplessness,negativism,lack of energy and will power take over the individual’s world i.e the way he or she sees himself,others around and the world in general.
People themselves and their friends and family notice that the person remains aloof,quiet,uninterested in day to day activities that earlier were a source of joy and pleasure including watching television to a lack of interest in work,studies and also intimacy.This is best expressed in the lines below

मुँह की बात सुने हर कोई
दिल के दर्द को जाने कौन
आवाज़ों के बाज़ारों में
ख़ामोशी पहचाने कौन ।

मैं उसकी परछाई हूँ या
वो मेरा आईना है
मेरे ही घर में रहता है
मेरे जैसा जाने कौन ।

( Psychiatrist / Depression specialist in indirapuram)

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